The Vivarium Edition dresses up the spectacles with exceptional exotic leathers: iguana, galuchat and crocodile.
Our exotic leathers are extremely resistant and don't require any maintenance.



The temples can be adjusted horizontally,
but not vertically. Our stone spectacles can produce abrasive dust, be careful not to damage the lenses.

european slate, brazilian slate,
granite quartz, granite copper
STRATUS Half Rim & Full Rim
dark granite, striped slate,
pearl schist, magma slate

Clean the lenses with a dry or slightly humidified cloth provided with your frame.

Avoid any extended contact between the leather and water, cosmetic products or greasy substances.
Do not expose your glasses to extreme temperatures.


With time and wear, cow leather will acquire a unique patina. The allure and resilience of your leather frame will depend on the way you maintain it. The Minotaure Full Rim, Half Rim and Gilded spectacles are delivered with their own nurturing wax.

All leathers are tanned following traditionnal methods. The skins are manually treated in order to obtain a smooth touch, while maintaining the heterogeneous aspect of the material. An extended exposure to UV light will transform the color of your cow leather frames.


The different colors of the goat leather collections are UV resistant; the leather will wear out with the passing of time.