Nemus Thin Split 02


Colors :
01 / Smoked oak + black Ingrassato cow leather
02 / Walnut + chocolate Ingrassato cow leather
04 / Wenge + cappuccino Ingrassato cow leather

Wood + genuine cow leather
Nose width: 20 mm  /  Lens width: 51 mm
Temple length: 149 mm  /  Frame width: 139 mm

The cow leather frames will gain patina over time, the frames will be impacted by skin oil and acidity as well as UV’s. 
Temples are adjustable both horizontally and vertically.


The vegetably tanned cow leathers are devoid of any chrome, which nullify the risk of allergies. The skins are worked by hand in order to obtain a smooth texture, while safeguarding the consistency of the material.
- clean the lenses with a dry or slightly humidified cleaning chamois cloth.
- avoid any extended contact between the leather and water, greasy substances or cosmetic products.
- do not expose to extreme temperatures.

- do not expose your spectacles to humidity and extreme temperatures.

Handmade in Paris.